Expiration Dates


Estate planning capital wills trusts We all know what the expiration dates are on our domains. What we don’t know is when OUR expiration date is.

Sadly, we’ve lost several of our friends in the industry over the last few years. Even sadder is that in almost all cases their portfolios and businesses were left in limbo leaving loved ones to scramble to save or recover lost assets. This applies not only to your death but a serious injury or illness that leaves you unable to take care of business. I thought I’d provide just a small sample of what you should do to protect them.

In many cases families don’t even know how to reach out to another trusted person in our industry for help. If you do nothing else, be sure your loved ones know how to reach that person in your life. Let them know that time is of the essence in contacting that person.

Most attorneys are clueless about our industry. Even if you don’t currently use an industry attorney, make sure your spouse/children know who they are and how to reach them.

You’re probably not going to bother to make lists of registrars, affiliates etc along with their passwords. Sad, but it’s a reality. Using a password tool like Roboform does all of this for you! With that one tool, all of your passwords and the link to the sites is stored in one place.

I’ve barely scratched the surface but maybe I’ve made you think about things you need to do. Is tomorrow soon enough?  Maybe….

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