gTLD Front Running


So I wasted a day yesterday watching the asshats out snark each each other on the blogs. Entertaining at best. I do enjoy the “banter” between George Kirikos and Frank Schilling but beyond that.yaaaaaaaaaaaawn.

I’ve really tried to get on board. I’m a domainer. My fingers twitch when there are names to be had for reg fee but I’ve learned some self control. I have one

I haven’t learned anything new in all the blog chat. There are some things I come away with from any blog war:

If you post anonymously, your post only matters to the person whose side you were on. To everyone else, you’re a coward etc. If you post under any name and link to anything you get instant credibility.

If you disagree, with either side, you aren’t simply somebody with a different opinion, you’re a “hater” so by the time the post comments fade all your well thought out ideas have no’re simply a hater.

But I digress.

When these people get around to releasing these “held back” domains you’ll be witnessing the biggest “front running” game ever played! It’ll be fun to see the spin put on it but make no mistakes. It’s front running at it finest!


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