Improve Your Social Media Following


Improve Your Social Media Following

For most small businesses, lead generation is the ultimate reward of generating and maintaining a strong social media presence. But, in order to get the most out of social media and turn it into a lead generating machine, you’ll need to produce a relevant following including followers on your Twitter account, fans on your Facebook page as well as your LinkedIn business page, etc.

The more followers and fans you gain regarding your social media presence, the better and stronger reach you’ll eventually have. And, a better reach means the likelihood of generating more leads. Here are a few guaranteed ways to improve your social media following to help you get started.

How to Attract More Followers and Fans on Social Media

1. Optimize Your Social Media Presence

Your first step is to effectively optimize your social presence. Be sure your bios and profiles on all your social accounts are completely filled out and include a clear, concise description of your particular business, the URL of your website, and your company logo. Because social media updates are now included in the search results, ensure that you’re additionally optimizing all your Facebook posts, tweets on Twitter, and LinkedIn status updates along with any appropriate keywords relative to your business, which will help you get found during a search.

2. Promote Your Social Media Presence Virtually Everywhere

Put yourself out there and everywhere in between including on your blog, traditional business cards, print advertising, in your email mass marketing messages, and on various pages of your site.

3. Incorporate Social Buttons for Sharing Your Content

Just the same as you’re enhancing your social media presence as much as possible, you should additionally be enabling your website guests and loyal email subscribers to share all your content with their social and personal contacts just as easily. For example, add social media sharing buttons like “Tweet This”, “Share on Facebook”, etc. for all your rich content.

4. Share all Your Valuable and Useful Content

Today, it’s not enough to simply promote your social presence. You must ensure that your presence is definitely something that’s worthy of following to start with. Be sure all your Facebook posts, tweets, and LinkedIn updates are comprised of very useful, valuable, engaging, and interesting content. At all costs, avoid product-based content. Instead, be sure your social media updates include informative, educational content that will appeal to even more followers and fans. When it comes to social media, people generally follow brands because they’re seeking something that’s useful to make their lives easier or better.

5. Build Relationships with Other People in Your Industry

Use social tools like Twitter Search, Twellow, and Twitter Grader in order to easily identify other users on Twitter relative to your industry. Begin following them, joining in their discussions, and engaging in various conversations. Find and subsequently follow other highly influential bloggers and re-tweet their valuable content. Also, follow back nearly everyone who follows you on Twitter.

6. Interact with Followers and Fans

In addition to frequently sharing insightful, educational content, you should ideally monitor your social presence and regularly interact with your followers and fans. Be engaging by asking questions and participating in interesting discussions in order to create an authority presence that’s worth following.

Although building your social media will take a bit of time, it’s important how you go about doing it and stay committed. Follow these key steps in order to start enjoying the results of your efforts.

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