Social Media Networking – It’s a Two Way Street!

Social Media Manners

Social Media Networking – Not just one phrase but three steps of a process:


I spend a fair amount of time on social media sites every day. It might surprise you, but I’m not there because I wondered what your sunset was like last night. Nor do I really have that much interest in what you had for lunch. That glass of wine you thought we all wanted a look at, not so special either. While all of this is fun to see, it’s always cool to peek into somebodies life, it’s not why I spend a chunk of my valuable time there! Animal and baby pics and videos I do love but that’s  not my reason for being there either. I’ll take the split second to like or share them though if I think there’s some humor, cuteness, beauty etc.


I specifically watch for promotional or announcement type posts. Not the paid ads, annoying crap but something new my colleagues might be doing. Maybe they have a new site they are trying to get a little exposure. A promotion on the job. A new product. A discount. Anything (if I think it’s a good product) that it could be helpful to get the word out about. Maybe somebody I don’t know that has something, anything worth showing to my friends and helping him get a boost up. I like, share and maybe even tweet or +1 them. And comment most times.


The social and media steps I do at least a few times a day. One of the benefits of networking is brand recognition. In my case, I don’t have a product to sell but I have online ventures so in a sense I am my brand and every time I like, share, tweet +1, my brand is a little more out there in the universe. Be careful to only promote those posts you truly like. Don’t become that guy who goes down the page and likes and shares everything. That’s kinda like spamming yourself around. On the other end of that – Remember who passes your posts along to their colleagues. Who likes, shares, retweets etc. for you! Don’t be a social media “taker”!  Don’t just walk into the party and shout out what you have to say and leave. Stay and do some liking, sharing and retweeting for your colleagues. Check your prior posts and respond to comments. Whether you got just a smile or important information from a blog post, chances are they have social sharing buttons. Use them. It’s a free and easy way to say thank you! Even if it’s “just” a social media post, treat others the way you want to be treated!



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