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We all know how important building relationships and networking is in business and life. One of the first things that catches my eye when building my personal circle is if a person comes from a place of positive energy. Do they have a “pay it forward” mentality is up there on the list too! Via social networking you get to see how people interact with others and I pay attention to posts and comments. I love to surround myself with people who are abundant in the skills I lack – which are many 🙂 – and more important are willing to share them! I love people who want to pass a smile along to others. I love people I can trust and who I can count on to have my back. People with manners are sadly difficult to find so they are considered gems to me. Kindhearted is a big check mark too. Understanding that animals are people too is a must.

Life has taught me not to negotiate on the traits I value when I call a person “friend” and I thought it would be fun to share some of the folks on my “A” list. So here is the first of many to come as time allows.

Two years ago I was blessed with what’s darned near a miracle! I found TWO! A couple! A matched set! A pair!

Meet my friends, Charlotte (Charlie) Gilbert and Brian Gilbert. A true Dynamic Duo. A force to be reckoned with. Even their own bios don’t do them justice. They meet all my personal criteria and more and their skills and histories leave me in awe of how lucky I am to have them in my life.


charlieI first noticed Charlotte on Facebook. Her posts and comments had me laughing every day. I loved that those she interacted with had a real affection for her. I got to know her when she and Brian bid on and won a domain I had given to Elliot for a charity auction.  She has recently developed and launched and you should run over there and read some fun interviews done by industry folks. Be sure to do your interview there to and let us get to know you.

Charlotte Gilbert is from Savannah, Georgia and has an extensive education in a variety of areas. She has served with the United States Navy and the United States Air Force Special Operations Command Headquarters Level.

Charlotte’s development experience stems from a mixture of military training and college courses mixed with hard work and dedication. Charlotte’s main focus with her company is the formulation and implementation of creative development strategies for domain owners and local businesses. Charlotte has a wicked sense of humor, enjoys animals, has a mean addiction to cheese and loves to travel.

Charlie was also the superwoman behind all the work that went in to The Domainer’s Choice Awards, DBRFunFest and she also made this very blog possible!

Get to know Charlie on her FaceBook page


brianI met Brian through my friendship with Charlie. It was a huge bonus to my “A” list to discover a team! Brian is one of what I call the quiet giants in the industry and so much fun he should be illegal! He didn’t wait for me to slowly build a friendship…he stepped into the slot and am I ever glad I didn’t waste time getting to know him slowly. Here is just a tiny list of his achievements and they don’t even include real life achievements. He was also a vital part of The Domainer’s Choice Awards and DBRFunFest

  • Worked for Innovation HQ, Inc. since 2006
  • IHQ owns/operates,,,,,, etc.
  • Brokered $2M is sales and $1.7M in purchases for IHQ
  • Developing domains since 2003
  • Attend many seminars to learn as much about SEO, marketing, social media, analytics, and development as possible
  • Successful with getting several sites to rank #1 for their targeted keyword(s) using only white hat techniques
  • Spoken at DomainFest, MeetDomainers, DomainFest Ft. Lauderdale, DBRFunFest and other venues

Get to know Brian on his FaceBook page

Thank you Charlie and Brian for adding to my world!!

Other “A” List People

The Dynamic Duo – Brian and Charlotte Gilbert

Adam Strong – Strong in Ethics – Big in Heart


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  1. Warren says:

    They are a great pair! Two of a kind. Thanks for recognizing them.

  2. Mike Robertson says:

    I agree wholeheartedly. Two of the most interesting and hilarious characters you will find in the domain space. Not to mention, most genuine and hard working!

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  4. adam says:

    Just read this after you posted mine. These 2 are always a blast to be around, more so when there's free shots !

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