To Hire a Domain Broker or Not?

Domain Brokers

Seems like everyone is a broker these days. I wonder how they qualify themselves as “brokers”? Is it a calling like nursing, religion and teaching? Maybe it’s a revelation type of thing .. you wake up one morning and just know you were meant to be a broker? Whatever it is there are something you should know about hiring a broker.

If you are hiring a domain broker he/she is your employee. Make your expectations and requirements perfectly clear in a contract. Some of what I expect from a broker of my domains:

  • I want to be cc’d on EVERY correspondence.
  • I want incoming correspondence forwarded to me, not copy and paste in part, I want the whole thing forwarded.
  • I want to see a call log of all incoming and out going phone calls. To include who you spoke to and the total time spent.
  • If they say they’ll market your domain, find out where. List in the for sale thread in a forum is not marketing.
  • You should have given your domain broker some guidelines for pricing. By the time he comes to you, he should have an offer in hand to discuss.

Ask for references and check them out! If all of their sales are under NDA, don’t hire the broker.

Or don’t ask for references but do your own due diligence. Ask in forums, ask on blogs.

Make sure your domain doesn’t drop into the broker black hole. All too many brokers accept your listing only to let it sit and collect dust in the hopes that a warm lead looking for your domain will drop in their lap. Remember when you’re asking somebody to broker your domain: Take control. These are your hard earned assets and you are the employer!

What do you ask of your broker?

If you call yourself a domain broker, how do qualify yourself?

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