Webfair Virtual – Produced by Michael Marcovici of DomainIndex.com


Webfair Virtual  –  Produced by Michael Marcovici of DomainIndex.com

Now that’s right up my alley! I don’t like to travel and I don’t like crowds and it’s a rare event if I attend any industry conferences. I love the concept!

Some things are still unclear to me. Is a sponsor the same as a partner?  Are they the same as exhibitors? Is the list of attendees actually a list of speakers? Will there be speakers? I see some well known names on the partner page and lots of new people I’d love to meet!

When you go to a “booth” with it be manned by a rep of the company in real time? Can I chat with him or her in addition to exchanging info? Who has access to the info I might upload?

I have lots of questions still, but I’ll get them all answered tomorrow I guess.

I downloaded the necessary software easily and I’ll be there to meet those of you I haven’t met yet and renew old some old friendships too.

I love when something new comes to the industry and am happy to be part of the what I hope is just the first of many of these online webfairs! Kudos to the producers for stepping up to the plate. I hope you hit a home run!









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