Why Domainer’s Choice Awards

Domainer's Choice Awards

Less than 48 hours to place your nominations! Only those registered in the nomination phase will be able to vote in the finals!  If there is a category you choose not to nominate in, just write in n/a.  Why bother? Well….

Awards stimulate competitiveness. Striving to show the industry that your peers have chosen you or your company as “the best” enhances performance all the way from the corporate boardroom to the front lines.

Public recognition in the way of awards is one way to inspire people and companies to work harder. It creates competition. It says “Thank you”

I have loved this industry since I first got into it back in to 90’s and have always done my best to be a good representative and give back to the community that has been so good to me. I want to say “Thank You” to the best of the best. I want to let them know that collectively, we as a community appreciate them. I want this to happen in an atmosphere of trust that you, the members of the community  are making the decisions. You had input into the categories you wanted. You get to choose the finalists by nominating and those nominations are carefully screened for cheaters. You get to have the final say in who is the Best of the Best.

You have that final say in a system that is not in house. A system that we have worked with and paid for, a very expensive 3rd party system to instill confidence that we are doing all we can to honor the right people and companies. This has never been done in any awards programs in our industry. I have disqualified myself and any of my own interests: DomainBoardroom.com, DonnasBlog.com and DBRFunFest.com aren’t eligible even in the nomination phase. There has never been such transparency.

Supporting the Domainer’s Choice Awards  also has another benefit. It was created to support the Domainer’s Choice Scholarship Fund. Our 501(c)3 application should be finalized by early April and we’ll be releasing more info for you then.

We all leave behind a footprint in everything we do. We should make ours a footprint that makes our industry a better place to work in just as we try to make our planet better place to live. Assisting domainer’s and their families to acquire an education they deserve would be an honor for me and I would hope you’ll want to participate.

So take this last 48 hours and go nominate. Post reminders in the forums and on your blogs. This is YOUR event..This is YOUR industry…go claim it!

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